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Contact: Steve James, Sustainability & Procurement Manager
Services provided:

Dignity are a UK-based Funeral Services provider with over 750 funeral locations and 39 crematoriums. They are committed to maintaining the quality of the environment in which we all live, and aim to reduce the impact of their operations and to act in an environmentally friendly manner.

A huge part of this commitment is to not only understand Dignity’s energy usage but also identify and implement strategies that will help manage and reduce this energy usage. Endeavours such as these require huge investment from Dignity so they needed to work with an organisation who they could trust not only to provide them with the right information but also have the honesty and integrity to deliver on their promises.

Dignity chose Inteb after initial discussions with a number of providers in the energy consultancy market. They have been engaged with Inteb for some time now and we have been able to provide critical and impartial advice on products and solutions that have reduced Dignity’s energy usage and spend which have in turn contributed positively to their carbon reduction commitment. Inteb have constantly provided Dignity with impartial advice on the right strategy to implement when tackling energy management and also sourced a variety of key products and solutions to help meet Dignity’s requirements around compliance and legislation as well as a sound and robust platform for tackling high energy usage and spend.

Key Points

Using the IntebMS complete energy management solution, we were able to:

  • Measure, manage and maintain both energy costs and consumption
  • Provide a turn key solution around energy reduction strategies
  • Provide a tailored lightning solution and purchasing platform
  • Continuous energy management of the entire Dignity retail and Crematorium estate
  • Provide ongoing advice and strategy on energy management
  • Support Dignity’s energy compliance requirements

The team at IMS are friendly, articulate and hugely experienced in energy management strategies and they take their work very seriously. As a client we know that IMS are always on hand with the right advice whenever new legislation is driven through the energy industry and that we can turn to them for any of our energy management needs. We are proud to say that we work with IMS on our ongoing energy management strategy and would have no hesitation in recommending IMS to any new clients that they are in discussions with.

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