Amy and Ava switch on the Christmas lights at the new Liverpool cancer centre. Photo by Gavin Trafford

Brave Amy inspires Inteb to fundraise for new cancer hospital

THE inspirational story of a brave young woman who beat cancer and is now working to care for others affected by the disease is at the heart of a major fundraising initiative at Inteb.

The courage of Amy Cookson, a family friend of Inteb managing director Colin Jones, has so touched the workforce that they are pulling together to raise money for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and its funding appeal for a new specialist hospital in Liverpool.

Once recovered from her illness and driven to make a difference to others affected by cancer – as well as to thank Clatterbridge for the care she received there – Amy made the decision to train as a cancer nurse.

Colin said: “Amy’s story is one of true bravery and determination. Six years after being diagnosed with cancer, she is now a nurse on the very ward where she was successfully treated.

“Not only is she supporting patients in her professional capacity but she’s also putting huge efforts into ensuring the charity’s fundraising appeal quickly raises the £5 million needed to reach its £15 million target for this vital new facility.”

Amy and Ava were this week guests of honour at the site of the new Liverpool cancer hospital where they switched on the Christmas lights.

Back at company headquarters at Egerton House, Birkenhead, Inteb staff have begun fundraising to help boost the appeal funds – starting with making donations to the charity instead of sending Christmas cards – and are planning a calendar of other initiatives to run throughout next year.

Colin added: “Amy is an amazing force in the fight to beat and treat cancer. Her inspirational journey is the reason for us choosing Clatterbridge Cancer Centre as our charity for 2020 and why we’ll be doing everything we can throughout the year at Inteb to help reach the appeal’s goal.”

Amy, 33, was aged 26 when she was given the news she had Hodgkin Lymphoma. At the time, her daughter Ava was just five.

She said: “I wanted to say thank-you to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre for the incredible care I received and for getting me through such a difficult time.

“I just want to give back now, to make at least one person feel the way I did when I was there getting my treatment. If I can make that difference to someone’s life, it would mean the world to me.”

The new 11-floor Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, located next to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, will provide specialist chemotherapy and other drug therapies, radiotherapy, inpatient and outpatient care, cancer support and rehabilitation, bone marrow transplant and urgent cancer care. There will also be a teenage and young adult unit.

It will care for people from across Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond and will also carry out clinical trials of new cancer treatments.

The new hospital will be in addition to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s existing hospitals in Wirral and Aintree as well as its chemotherapy and outpatient services in other hospitals across the region. Following its completion, further developments are also planned at the current site of Wirral’s Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral.