Water Procurement

Take advantage of major changes to the UK water market by choosing your supplier

As of April 2017 commercial properties based in England are eligible to switch water supplier.

This represents a significant shake-up in the UK water market and most consumers have been used to the localised monopolies currently in place with their geographical water provider.

The Scottish water market has been deregulated since 2008 and businesses have been benefiting from the open market, while customers in Wales will only be able to switch if using more than 50 million litres per year.

In the open water market you will be eligible to choose who supplies your retail water and wastewater services, much like in the electricity and gas markets.

Key Features

From understanding the requirements of the change in market to benchmarking the best prices being provided by each supplier, Inteb MS can manage clients water procurement and billing requirements to:

  • Set up water accounts via a single preferred supplier across the business
  • Put in place common account requirements across the water contract
  • Align clients billing requirements as part of the contract
  • Identify cost savings against current water & wastewater charges
  • Identify further cost savings from elimination of billing errors
  • Improve the level of customer service from a more competitive market
  • Ultimately become more water-efficient and make further water resource and cost savings

Our water market de-regulation services are supported by our existing utility procurement, bill validation and consultancy services – please see our client case studies for more information.

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