Water AMR Metering

If you can‘t measure it, you can’t manage it!

Because we are independent, our specialists can provide strategic  advice on how a water AMR meter roll out might affect your business or portfolio. We will ensure that you get the best value for replacing your old meters, at a time that suits you and that all industry red tape is handled correctly.

By default, your water supplier and/or energy consultant automatically appoints a billing agent on your behalf.

Inteb’s team is highly experienced in dealing with these companies to negotiate direct contracts for your water supplies. This could generate cost savings as well as on-line access to your water data and a range of consumption reports.

In conjunction with our utility procurement team we can get the best value for new settlement/check meters and collection services either when your water supply contract is up for renewal or when it is simply right for your business to do so.

We will offer a range of best value communications options that optimise collection performance and deliver a cost-effective meter rollout programmes, tailored to your specific business objectives.

Key Features

  • Ability to negotiate estimated bills
  • Eliminate potential water leakage issues
  • Verify and anticipate invoice costs
  • More frequent meter readings
  • Consumption information per meter
  • Establish better procurement options
  • Remove the necessity of providing access to your meters to meter reading agencies with all the inherent security and access concerns
  • Smart AMR Water Logger, derived measurement of water use is particularly beneficial in helping towards driving down costs
  • Automated Meter Reading already being increasingly recognised as an approved method of water data collection
  • M&T and our energy management programs can then be used to set clear and measurable targets, reducing consumption and saving money for the long term.

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