Tenant Recharging

Helping you to recover utility costs

Our relationship with some of the leading UK and European managing agents has allowed us to develop and offer specialised services, one of which is a Tenant Recharging service. This service is typically tailored for landlords and property agents to apportion utility consumption across several areas and tenants within a property. This ensures utility costs are recovered fully and accurately.

Our recharging methodology is bespoke to each client and property. We can calculate recharges based on area or floor space across the property, or we can carry out the installation of sub-meters which provides comprehensive meter reading and consumption data for any given period.

Key Features

  • Utility costs are apportioned accurately across various tenants to help landlords recover costs.
  • Allows landlords to manage their budgets.
  • Via sub-metering, tenants are likely to be happier paying for their own actual consumption rather than an unfair cost spread across all tenants.
  • Allows for better analysis of energy usage patterns with a view to implementing energy management and reduction programs.
  • Inteb can submit a recharge report on a monthly or quarterly basis, allowing for a managed and efficient process.

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