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High Energy Users

Our specialists will work to get you the best prices on gas and electricity. We will also work with you to develop a purchasing strategy that matches your business objectives.

If you need budget certainty then our fixed contracts are recommended, however, if you have a large energy expenditure and  you would like save costs there are more flexible solutions we can recommend.


P272 is a mandatory OFGEM regulation and will affect upwards of 160,000 sites or 280,000 MPANS across the UK.

P272 requires all electricity meters with Profile Classes 05-08 to be settled on the Half Hourly (HH) market, meaning that affected businesses must use automated meters that can send regular half hourly usage data to energy suppliers.

Some sites may already have been affected as the legislation started in 2015, however, suppliers have until April 2017 to ensure all affected sites have a half hourly meter and associated meter operation and data collection contracts.

P272 represents a significant opportunity for your business but you need the right advice.

How to prepare?

All meters in this class need a Half Hourly MOP and Half Hourly DCDA Contract in place beforehand.

Meter Operator Contract (MOP) and Data Collection Service (DCDA contract)

If you don’t do this by the deadline, your supplier will put you onto their default MOP and DCDA, you may end up with an agreement that is set up ‘automatically’ that will not match your specific requirements.

Key Features

  • Savings on spot prices and MOP/ DCDA contracts
  • Quick and easy switching for SME’s
  • Gain total control of your energy strategy.
  • Different levels of risk, budget certainty and performance.
  • Face to face meetings to agree options and monitor what has been decided.
  • Daily, monthly and seasonal reports are also available, to give you a view of the key energy market drivers.

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