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In an industry with high and unexpected volatility, it has become more important than ever to have access to market intelligence to allow for insight and rationale into market movements and price changes. Our team at Inteb MS has the necessary expertise and knowledge to help deliver this intelligence.

Our market reporting outlines actual and potential motives for energy price variations by analysing necessary and technical market drivers. This allows our clients to make better informed decisions on the timing of their energy purchasing strategy.

The market intelligence covers price differentials of commodity and non-commodity components, which in turn equips our clients to manage their portfolio more efficiently and budget more accurately. Furthermore, we assess economic, governmental and international factors – all of which have an impact on the price and stability of the UK energy market.

Key Features

  • Have a better judgement of when to purchase your energy.
  • Our clients understand the reasons and factors behind price fluctuations.
  • Clients can compare and benchmark prices and reports from various periods for their own comparison purposes.
  • Up to date market intelligence gives our clients the ability to challenge suppliers on terms and prices.

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