In View (Energy Data Management Software)

Our software will empower to you incorporate KPIs, set targets, generate reports and make informed energy management decisions in the drive to reduce your energy consumption and cost.

Inteb has a long track record in using data as the driver for success in energy reduction programmes

We have been instrumental in the introduction of robust monitoring and targeting techniques and have melded these skills into the latest technology to offer our clients powerful data-led solutions which can be applied across a broad spectrum of energy using environments.

In View™ is a state of the art web based energy management platform that gathers and analyses energy data from meters and / or third party systems and converts it into business information, enabling organisations to understand how and where energy is being consumed at any given time across all sites.

The software is fully web-enabled and so can be accessed from anywhere in a corporate network assuming that web-browsing facilities have been enabled by the IT department. We operate an unlimited system user access policy and as such actively encourage our customer’s employees to take part in the drive to reduce energy consumption. The software has built in user account management and various levels of access can be assigned to users depending upon their requirements and security clearance. The system will monitor the efficiencies of the main energy consuming equipment within the organisation.

Key Features

  • Understand where your energy is being used
  • Benefit from timely actions to reduce waste
  • Increase motivation and sign-up to your overall Energy Management Strategy

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