Environmental Management Systems

Achieve excellence in the management of environmental impacts

More and more organisations are awakening to the role an environmental management system can play, and the benefits it can deliver. Key considerations include the following:

  • Purchasing decisions (i.e. by your clients of your services) often require an assessment of environmental performance
  • Poorly managed environmental impacts have significant cost implications
  • Legal compliance requirements are tightening
  • Environmental impact management is a key aspect of corporate social responsibility

An effective environmental management system provides a transparent, accountable management framework with measured outputs and targets. It will identify management responsibilities and roles, ensure legislative compliance, achieve cost control and reduction and meet stakeholder aspirations and requirements. Ultimately a successful EMS can achieve certification to ISO 14001, further enhancing your organisation’s reputation.

At Inteb we understand how to plan, and once we have discussed your objectives we can help you to do what is necessary and advise on the best structure for your business. Our advice and solutions are always bespoke and flexible to your needs – we collaborate and work together for the right solution.

Key Features

  • Strategic environmental management planning
  • Bespoke solution to your business/organisation
  • Engagement with internal resource to identify gaps where consultancy support may be required
  • A roadmap to the achievement of ISO 14001
  • Transition from 2004 to 2015 standard to ensure continual certification

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