Originally, Capita’s utility providers generated monthly and quarterly invoices, which meant Capita had to manage complex and time consuming payment processes for hundreds of invoices each month. With a large number of properties to manage and a commitment to ensure utility expenditure is minimised, Inteb were approached to help Capita realise the enormous cost-saving potential and enhance customer benefits.

Inteb collated all supplier, site and contract details onto one database before going to the market to obtain best value tariffs, reduce the number of suppliers and synchronise all contract dates. In the process, Inteb’s “partnership” approach led their energy team to become fully integrated with Capita’s property management division leading to a lower number of suppliers, greater efficiencies and significant, measurable operational cost savings for Capita.

Key Points

Using the IntebMS Utility Management & Energy Bureau service Capita has been able to:

  • Optimise the management of utility contracts and billing on behalf of their Real Estate clients
  • Obtain best value utility tariffs from conducting open-market tenders
  • Minimise internal administrative burden from outsourced utilities management via the Inteb Energy Bureau team
  • Realise cost savings across individual properties, benefiting tenants via reduced service charge costs, and across entire client property portfolios

Inteb now offer an ongoing support desk facility and have a dedicated account manager whose role is to ensure continuing efficiencies, helping reduce our clients’ carbon emissions and reduce costs across our client portfolio. Most importantly, Inteb’s intimate knowledge of our business means our own teams can dedicate more time to our own customer service and management in the knowledge that non-core activities are being dealt with professionally and expediently by Inteb.

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