Budgeting & Forecasting

We can help you plan ahead for your energy expenditure

Our specialised team of analysts have provided budgeting/forecasting reports to several of our large end clients with current industry data to make this as precise as possible. The aim is to provide you the client with a firm grasp of what your energy spend is likely to be within your budget year. It is important to note that a forecast should detail more than a generic percentage uplift on the bottom line unit price and consumption.

Expected consumption changes should be taken into consideration and an energy contract price should be broken down into its various components, i.e. distribution, transmission, network and balancing costs.

We would compare the current rate of all the various components and levy charges against any changes and updated in these rates. The new rates will collectively combine with the current wholesale energy price to provide a unit rate that is reflective of the market.

Key Features

  • Businesses have transparency of where there are price increases and decreases.
  • Provides a snapshot view of overall cost variations from existing energy expenditure.
  • Allows for planning in setting out the budget for the year ahead.
  • Customers with a greater understanding of how their energy costs are made up and what they spend have greater control and influence on their utilities expenditure.

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