British Cycling

Contact: Matthew Barnes – Legal and Governance Manager
Service provided:

British Cycling, as a large UK-based undertaking, were required to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and approached Inteb based on our reputation and experience with helping other clients.

Inteb MS helped British Cycling assess their areas of significant energy consumption and establish a suitable and compliant assessment methodology to maximise the benefit to British Cycling, whilst meeting the compliance deadline in the most cost-effective way.

Key Points

Using the IntebMS ESOS compliance service British Cycling has been able to:

  • Meet the compliance deadline and avoid enforcement or potential fines from the Environment Agency
  • Assess the areas of significant energy consumption that maximise potential benefit to British Cycling
  • Identify potential savings to the fleet vehicle carbon footprint of over 12%

British Cycling contacted Inteb for assistance with ESOS as part of our involvement in Phase 1 of the scheme, after hearing of the help they had already provided to one of our service partners. Although the timescales to achieve compliance were very tight Inteb helped us to understand the requirements of the scheme and provided us with clear and helpful advice on how to maximise the benefit of ESOS and submit our notification on time. Inteb’s open and honest approach to the provision of their Sustainability Consultancy services has helped us to cut through the government jargon relating to energy legislation and make best use of their services to meet the exact needs of our business. As a sustainable business ourselves we look forward to further engagement with Inteb on a number of matters beyond ESOS.

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