Bill Validation

Providing accuracy and support with supplier invoicing

Our experienced team of analysts provide a complete set of support services from invoice validation, accruals reports, and bespoke reporting through to bill processing. Industry statistics state that circa 80% of customer bills carry incorrect charges.

We run a comprehensive validation process, which sees every invoice checked for the accuracy of over 80 pieces of information, including historical and expected consumption data. Any payment adjustments are requested from the supplier for re-billing, enabling you to capture the correct information in your financial systems.

Key Features

  • Your energy bills are correct
  • Costs charged in error identified and recovered
  • The budgeting process is simplified
  • Greater control of your expenditure through management reports
  • Resolve all billing disputes with suppliers – only bills which have passed validation will be sent to the client for payment
  • Work with the client to improve their payment process to minimise the amount and value of late payment charges

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