American-style freezers could be wasting energy

American-style side-by-side fridge-freezers could cost more than three times as much as a conventional standalone unit to run.

These are the findings from an appliance advice group which suggests this type of appliance is becoming increasingly common among the 19 million fridge-freezers being used in the UK.

The group at collected data on 70 side-by-side models. They found their annual running costs was nearly triple the cost of running the most efficient traditional-style free-standing options available.

The main reason for the energy usage being so different is because the compressor in American-style units is positioned close to the freezer compartment. As it gets hot, the freezer has to work harder to stay cold.

Stewart Muir, product manager at the Energy Saving Trust, said: “American-style fridge-freezers have been growing in popularity but, in some cases, the cost of running these fridge-freezers can be significantly more than that of efficient, free-standing fridge freezers.

“In fact, the lifetime running cost of an A+ rated American-style fridge freezer can be as much as £350 more than a smaller A+++ rated freestanding unit – almost enough to buy a second fridge freezer.”