Avoid energy waste during your business Christmas shutdown

Companies shutting down for business over Christmas and New Year are being urged to pay close attention to energy saving measures during the festive break.

To avoid energy waste which could amount to huge sums of money, Inteb Managed Services has produced a checklist which, with some simple tasks and ideas, can result in financial and environmental gains.

Raja Khan, commercial director at Inteb, explained: “It’s that time of the year when many companies are working through their to-do lists before shutting down for Christmas and New Year and it’s easy to overlook energy saving measures.

“That’s why it’s important to think now about getting your business ready for winter. Some of the steps to take are simple and maybe obvious – but added together these moves to reduce energy consumption can have a massive cost-saving impact.”

Before shutting down for the Christmas and New Year break:

  • Turn off all lights, including lamps, desk lights, external lights and any Christmas lights.
  • Fully shut down and turn off all computers and printers. A single monitor and computer left on 24 hours a day will cost around £45 a year.
  • Turn off all machinery and equipment, including kitchen appliances.
  • Turn off all fans, heaters and air conditioning units and set radiators to freeze protection mode. This will ensure they are off for the duration of the break and not wasting energy and should also stop pipes from freezing.
  • Turn off all vending machines that do not contain perishable goods.
  • Close all windows and both external and internal door.
  • Empty, defrost and switch off freezers.
  • Check all taps are turned off.

Get all staff involved. Ensure everyone knows they are responsible for their own personal equipment, such as computers and desk lamps, and nominate a couple of members of staff to do a final walk-round before everyone leaves for the holiday.

Earlier this month the UK’s gas and electricity network companies launched a Be Ready for Winter campaign aimed at helping the public better prepare for power cuts and gas emergencies that may result from bad winter weather.

The campaign encourages everyone to make note of these free emergency numbers – in a power cut dial 105 or, for a gas emergency, dial 0800 111999.