Inteb’s vital energy messages to young people in local community

Tackling climate change and saving energy are among some of the most important issues facing the current generation.

To get these vital environmental messages across, Inteb Managed Services has been going out into the community to talk to young people about how their own individual efforts can be a powerful force for good.

The first Inteb energy awareness workshop took place at The Hive Youth Zone in Birkenhead, a new £6m state-of-the-art youth centre with more than 5,000 members from across the region.

A group of Young Leaders took part in a session, led by Raja Khan, commercial director at Inteb, when they were given some invaluable help and advice about the importance of conserving energy – for the future of the planet as well as for the future health of their own finances.

Raja said: “The workshop at The Hive was a wonderful opportunity to get a group of young people together to talk to them in an informal setting about energy issues that are so vital to them and to future generations.

“Most of this age group are still living at home but it’s important for them to be aware of how the smallest change in their energy usage can impact on the household bills.

“Getting into good habits now sets them in good stead for when they are homeowners themselves or renting a property.

“Hopefully, they will take all the information on board and pass it on to their families, friends and other young people at The Hive.”

A survey by the Energy Saving Trust showed that only seven per cent of those aged under 35 said they fully understood their energy bill.

Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, pointed out: “We now have a generation who don’t understand their bills and have little idea where energy comes from. One reason for this is that many young people rent and do not own their home, they are simply not invested in energy efficiency like their older relatives.

“We are calling on one generation to impart their knowledge to another so young people can learn to save energy and not worry so much about their bills in the future”

Among the tips Raja and Matthew passed on to The Hive’s members were:

  • If you’re not watching the TV, turn it off at the plug. Not turning of unused appliances is a huge contributor to high energy bills.
  • Finished charging your phone, laptop or tablet? Turn it off at the plug.
  • Toasters and microwaves which aren’t used on a daily basis can also be turned off and turned back on again when needed.
  • Save money by using a lower water pressure on the shower. The difference on your bills can be enormous.
  • Try to keep the fridge full. The more that’s in there, the less energy it uses because it doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • A simple way to save energy in the winter is to wrap up warm rather than turning up the heating.